Write for The Vidarbha Gazette!

Dear Friends!

You are welcome to write for The Vidarbha Gazette.

We are looking for 

  • original, hitherto unpublished pieces that are analytical, that make an insightful comment or a strong argument on social/political/cultural topics. 
  • ground reports that highlight important social, political, cultural issues and events. 
  • first person accounts of important or/and interesting events.
We are not looking for long essays.  

You may write in either English or Marathi.

There is no word limit as such but considering that the average reader leads a busy life, we suggest your writings should be confined between 500 - 600 words. 

Articles with photographs would be appreciated.

There is a (slight) preference for 'voices from Vidarbha' and articles that have a Vidarbha focus.

Send your contributions to 



Kalyan and Paromita


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Write for The Vidarbha Gazette!